SparkVoice Founder

Karen Lang, Ph.D. focuses her life’s work on helping girls and women live out their true selves and have a voice in their lives and communities. She holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Communication and her dissertation research focused on how nonprofit advocates use writing and communication to build confidence in girls and women.

Her research study sparked a dream to offer the kind of support women experience in local groups in an online, easily accessible platform that reaches those who are looking for inspiration and friendly support during life's transitions. Karen lives by the classic women's empowerment mantra that "we are stronger together," and technology now makes it possible to connect our points of need with amazing online communities that echo women's hearts and promote women's dreams. SparkVoice and its mission is so much of Karen's dream to be a positive force in women's movement, cheering on one girl or woman at a time in her learning community and online workshops. 

As a university professor for fifteen years, she teaches courses in research and writing, public speaking, gender communication, and media theory. As a mom, she is most alive on a great historical fieldtrip, at home reading chapter books to her boys, playing round after round of board games, having epic freeze-dance parties, or trying to craft. As a friend, she most often wants to swap stories and find vintage stores and the best local restaurants. And, she's always ready to talk women's issues and the latest headlines. 

Karen currently works as the Executive Director of SparkVoice. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two sons, embracing nearby Smithsonians and the seasons, after growing up and living most of her life in Southern California. Her guiding words for 2019 are "Trust" and "Have fun with it." 


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