The SparkVoice Experience

Mentoring in pathways and goals

We build from social psychology research that suggests that when a young girl finds her spark—whether it’s a personal hobby or talent, a cause she is drawn to, an outstanding character traits she possesses, or a desired pursuit or dream—she is more likely to thrive in life and progress toward meaningful college and future professions. She is also more likely to avoid the increasing factors of depression and anxiety reported in today's teen population (read more about depression in teens here). 

We recognize the power of words and naming our identities and purpose, so we guide our learner through proven activities to explore who she is and what she's all about. We value action-oriented dreaming and knowledge-seeking that women and girls need to get where they want to go. 

SparkVoice delivers transformational workshops and virtual mentoring so girls and women connected with our mission can experience the growth and skill-building they need to identify and live their best lives.

Building skills in communication and expression

We use story-telling, listening activities, inspirational videos, and expressive art journaling in workshops as primary vehicles to increase confidence and sharpen thinking and expression. We create the space and the context in our virtual workshops and mentoring sessions for girls and women to think deeply and express ideas freely, while honoring others and their own voices.

We facilitate a safe and creative context with the key component of an attentive audience to girls’ ideas and creative expressions. We are listening and we are cheering on our learner to most importantly, hear from herself and be her own biggest fans. Women’s ideas matter and being well-practiced in expressing those ideas often requires opportunity and affirmation. SparkVoice workshop and mentoring experiences reflect back to girls and women their true worth and that their voices matter. 

Connecting in friendship and community

Ongoing isolation is not healthy for people, but healthy community can be hard to find and maintain. We connect online to practice how, as girls and women, we can be our authentic selves and be OK with the differences we inevitably encounter in community with others. We practice how to respect others and enjoy friendships, and then carry that into our in-person friendships, peer groups, and family relationships. Together we prioritize including others, practicing kindness, and offering mutual support to girls and women around us.

SparkVoice learners become powerful ambassadors for re-routing girl culture where needed and writing a future of mutual support between women. Self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and communication skills are priceless components to a life well-lived--these things can be nurtured and sparked. Join us and see how.  



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