When the "Have-Tos" Overwhelm Us

I've been looking for practical ways to boost my energy and reduce drag in my daily life. Of course I'm taking a look at how I talk about my work and especially the tasks that weigh on me.
I'm in love with the power of words in this life!
Words and stories are how we make sense of and organize life. They don't just shape reality, they are reality. What story I tell myself about my day is my reality.
Right now I have a narrative spinning that I dread groceries, meal planning, and cooking. Why must we re-fuel so often and why must my kids be all about the snacks all of the time? Why do we have to cook and clean up only to start again? Why do I HAVE TO?
It's a simple trick, as the power of semantics often are. But, I'm trying out saying I "GET TO" cook and I "GET TO" plan how we are going to be energized and feel good today. I "GET TO" orchestrate family time around the table. I "GET TO" show my very favorite people in the world that I love them and...
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