#MentorMonday: Marissa Black

#mentormonday Jun 01, 2020

We're launching #MentorMonday - posts highlighting incredible women in our #SparkVoice community, who actively chase their spark and nurture it. We hope these stories will not only introduce you to different sparks, but will encourage and inspire you to pursue your own. 

Today, we’re featuring Marissa Black (@marissablackmail), whose spark for cross-culture understanding led her to spend the last two years teaching high schoolers in Guyana and to be certified in teaching English as a second language. Read her story below!

What would you define as your spark, that thing that makes you feel most alive, your passion, dream or purpose?

One of my main sparks is building cross-cultural understanding. I am passionate about people from different backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences understanding one another better. I love (as in “get goosebumps” love) when people are exposed to different perspectives and worldviews and thus come to a deeper...

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