30 Ways To Use Playfulness for Wellness

When I trained in sexual assault and domestic violence prevention, our mentor told us every session at day’s end, that we needed to do something to care for our hearts and minds amidst all the heaviness of getting educated about violence against women. I often remember our mentor pointing to each of us at the end of the day’s training asking us what acts of beauty and self-care we would do to remember our passion for equality and safety and to remember the good in humanity. We had to commit to our intentional self-care plan out loud and promise ourselves to take care and carry on. 

At SparkVoice our June theme is PLAYFULNESS--no surprise for stepping into summer, but also an unsung tool for confidence-maintenance and well-being. Young people are hearing and living the heavy burdens of our world pandemic crisis and the US nation’s long-standing racial justice issues. This may be the most intense time to date in our kids’ communal and personal lives, when they need to be using their voices to name emotions and needs and to process their experiences. More than ever, we all need self care, soul care, community care. 

Our young people need some moments of relief from stress and emotional demands. They need us to stay in the tough conversations with them and create times of fun and lightness, so we can all carry on.

SparkVoice is inviting moms, daughters, and college students we work with to consider PLAYFULNESS as a resilience tool right now. We carry on and we care for our heart and minds by singing our songs, writing our ideas, moving our bodies, expressing ourselves, and laughing with the ones we love. We give some moments or hours in our days every day to feel alive and to feel lighter, and we return to our work of nurturing, caring, learning, and advocating. 

We trust and hope for better days ahead and we turn to our loved ones at arms’ reach today--we enjoy them and who we are. Playful acts are acts of believing in the good and rising up in love and laughter, even as the unknowns and the troubles press around us. Even as we commit to do justice and live equality. Even as we use our voices to speak to the decision-makers and policy-enforcers to do better for people of color, our girls, and our systems. 

How will you take care and carry on in the good work and love in your life during these heavy and important times? How can daily playfulness restore your mind and heart and support the young girls in your life?

In our most recent SparkVoice camp, the girls spent a week exploring how PLAYFULNESS can cultivate friendships and confidence. We all committed to inviting more fun, laughter, silliness, and play into our days. In doing so, we invited in more joy, connection, lightness and resilience. Here's our list of ideas! 

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