2020 Vision Check-In: The key question to be more BOLD and FOCUSED


There's a great phrase life coaches, therapists, personal growth fans, and friends-who-do-real-talk like to use. If a person shares how she's feeling stuck or experiencing drag in her life, this question may be her listener's response. If a person wants to overcome a bad pattern of living or step out of a harmful relationship, this question may be the zinger that brings clarity. 

"Is that SERVING YOU?" I love a good question, and I love a better question even more. When you experience drag or a big problem to tackle, the question is not, "Can't you get over it?" Or "Is it that big of a deal?" It’s the important question of: is that way of being or thinking or relationship SERVING YOU--moving you toward your purpose and goals? Is that friendship, job, book club, study habit, TV series, food, way of thinking, schedule, or persona you put on supporting you?

Instead of dealing on the surface level and getting stuck in OVERTHINKING that snag, antagonism or even major problem in your daily life and development, try simply asking the clarifying question, does X propel me toward my true self, talents, and purpose? 

Your inner voice will tell you yes or no. You will have the wisdom to know the truth about you! What do you need to release in your life that isn't serving you and your purpose? From the SparkVoice list of Powerful Questions for 2020, what new ways of being do you want to embody this year to live more free, focused, and full of life? 

I had to release the thinking that I had no time and that I'm not truly in charge of my schedule. It was playing small in my calling and acting like my teaching was a hobby when it's actually my genius. I was living too many days with low energy when I already knew the changes I needed to make in my food, sleep, and activity habits. I knew the answers all along, but I had to make the choice to get BOLD, get FOCUSED, and CUT OUT the thinking and habits that weren't serving me. I'm working on it in 2020. How about you? How are you moving toward your sparks and dreams in 2020?

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