2020, I see you. 10 Powerful Questions For Your Inspired Year Ahead


What's your blueprint for this year ahead? What story will your year tell?

I love resolutions, but I didn't make any this year. What I have been doing during January is thinking deeply about what VISION I have for the year ahead. The HABITS, the GOALS, the GROWTH and the FEELINGS I dream of living out in my life. I've read, prayed, reflected, brainstormed, and dared. I've consulted with wise friends and taken the month to design a path forward this year that I can actually see myself living.

Without a blueprint or vision, I knew I would have more of the same drag and struggles that were in 2019. I had both things to celebrate and things to release (yes, please!) from last year--feeling low energy and lost, dreading "to-do" tasks and routine, overthinking my purpose and direction. I was often stuck. In 2020, I want to STAY IN ACTION. I want to STAY INSPIRED. I want to STAY IN MY PURPOSE.

I want to share with you the reflection questions I used to map out my 2020 vision. I took a few weeks into this New Year to write out a focused and exciting vision. There's no wrong time to regroup--you can still make a plan for 2020! I think of these questions as my Power Questions for the New Year. I know they will be powerful for you, too.

With a sense of clarity and focus, we all can get to the end of 2020 feeling those "I did it!" feelings. Without a blueprint, who is the woman who shows up this year? Imagine her (Hello, Stuck and On Repeat.) With a clear vision, who is the woman who shows up in 2020? Hello, Inspired and On Point. (Is “on point” not on point slang anymore? As a word person and college prof, old slang does trouble me. My students will throw shade.)

We are co-creators in this life. We co-author our stories with our communities, with our instincts, with our media in-take, with our core beliefs, with our faith, with our key values, with our habits, and with our purpose. Oh, yes! That particular purpose, your spark, that really wants to show up and emerge even more this year. The phrase "I'm here for it" feels a little 2019. But, I am. Here for you and it in 2020.  We'll be adulting and slaying. I can't even. No FOMO on your dreams and your worth.

We are all worthy of living an abundant and best-self life. The world needs what you have to bring to it. Your vision and your voice matter. 

10 Power Questions for your 2020

  1. What do I want to celebrate about last year? What am I grateful for?
  2. What habits or feelings do I want to leave behind in last year?
  3. What successes and wins did I have last year? What am I proud of from last year?
  4. What were the two biggest breakthroughs or learnings I had?
  5. What are the new ways I'm willing to think and be in this new year?
  6. What inspiring word or words do I feel motivated by as I start a new year?
  7. What habits and practical rules-to-live-by will I remind myself of daily or weekly this year?
  8. What is the best guiding question I want to ask myself all year ahead?
  9. What dreams and initiatives do I invite in to have full play in this year ahead?
  10. What specific accomplishments do I want to do by the end of 2020?

Journal your thoughts out, without editing. Keep any inspiring words in front of you daily, so that you hear from yourself and stay in tune with your purpose. Most importantly, share your responses with a loved one who is your big fan! 

The more you acknowledge and talk about your vision, the more you will live into it. The more you stay in tune with your own voice and values, the more fulfilled and full of life you will be.

This is the year to live out your purpose and to enjoy who you are. You are amazing. 

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