Sparking Bright Futures for Women and Girls

Our mission is to provide research-based and heartfelt mentoring, inspiration, and life tools to strengthen young women’s confidence and ignite their bright futures.

SparkVoice Signature Guiding Questions for Living Into Your Confidence

Check in with yourself in order to get unstuck and get moving. You are a conversation worth having.

Girls Ages 14-17

SparkVoice empowers & equips girls ages 14-17 to experience the teen years with confidence! Get to know your uniqueness & who you are by exploring your sparks (interests and talents) & living intentionally as the awesome girl you are.

College Students

Navigate the leap to college life ready to make the most of your academics & social life—from safety on campus to killing it in your classes—stress will not win out when you know pathways to amazing student success. SparkVoice is here for you!

Parents of Girls

Parenting in a busy, social media-filled world can be tricky. Your daughter needs support & understanding to build a strong sense of herself & her purpose. SparkVoice creates the space & provides the tools she need to thrive & live out her potential.

Experience SparkVoice

Ready for a taste of what SparkVoice has to offer? Check out our Spark Map Guided Reflection. All it takes is a pen, paper, and about an hour of your time. It's time to take-back your title and give yourself some new names! Use coupon code LAUNCH19 for a special, limited-time discount.

What is SparkVoice?

SparkVoice is an online community for girls and women that offers virtual workshops and mentoring in girl-related topics and women's issues, plus coaching in college and professional pathways. Most importantly, we provide support for girls and women to strengthen their voices and find their sparks--interests and talents--in order to ignite their bright futures.

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"Sparkvoice is the place where I found my worth. I became part of Sparkvoice in 2017 and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s where I found the importance of my voice. It’s where I found out what a blessing and beauty it is to be a woman. It’s where I finally accepted that I’m beautiful and that I'm important.

"This is the place where I came to the realization that I can do anything if I set my mind to it."

College Freshman

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